• Unwoke Petition

  • Dear Anthony,

    I AGREE! The radical Left has launched an all-out war on our education system and our children.

    They're using Critical Race Theory to brainwash our children into believing that not only are American institutions racist but that they themselves are completely racist as well.

    And with the second largest teacher's union in America (The American Federation of Teachers) VOWING to teach Critical Race Theory in every classroom, it's clear they're gearing up for an all-out war against parents on this issue.

    We need to fight back against this attempt to indoctrinate our children into Marxist self-hate.

    And with Liz Cheney out with Nancy Pelosi on another witch-hunt to smear President Trump, it's up to grassroots conservatives like you and me to take the fight to these anti-American schemes from the Left.

    That's why I support your plan to boot the federal government out of our classrooms by ABOLISHING the Department of Education.

    So to help FIGHT BACK against the Left's attempts to fill our classrooms with race-hating propaganda, I’m adding my name to your campaign’s UNWOKE Petition.