• Dear Anthony,

    I AGREE! With the Biden Administration declaring an all-out war on gun-owning Americans with his latest gun control/gun bans, Republicans need to be doing everything they can to defeat his radical schemes to gut our Second Amendment rights.

    We SHOULD NOT be willing to compromise to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer, as Liz Cheney does.

    Her claiming she supports “Red Flag (Gun Confiscation)” legislation is a slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners across America.

    RINOs like Liz Cheney are throwing away our rights so they can get glowing headlines in the media and impose their tyrannical mandates on all of us.

    We need REAL conservatives to stand up, protect, defend, and expand our Second Amendment rights.

    Your accomplishments in founding Wyoming Gun Owners, passing Constitutional Carry, and passing Stand Your Ground laws make you the only candidate for the job to take on the gun grabbers in Washington, D.C.

    That’s why to show I support your campaign to FIGHT BACK against Joe Biden, his favorite “Republican” lackey (Liz Cheney), and the gun grabbers in Congress, I’m adding my name to your SECOND AMENDMENT PROTECTION petition.