• RINO Hunter Pledge

  • To: Anthony Bouchard

    Dear Anthony,

    I AGREE!

    Liz Cheney has continually stabbed Wyoming conservatives in the back by voting to IMPEACH President Trump, by joining Nancy Pelosi on the sham January 6 commission, and by vowing to do everything she could to ensure Donald Trump never returns to the Oval Office in 2024.

    It's clear she's Nancy Pelosi's "favorite" Republican.

    We don't need "Republicans" who will attack other conservatives in Congress day-in and day-out."

    We need actual conservative pit bulls in Congress who will do everything they can to stop, oppose, obstruct, and delay Joe Biden and the Democrats' socialist agenda, and ultimately fight to put our constitutional liberties back on the table.

    So to help you HUNT OUT and FIGHT BACK against RINO Liz Cheney, I'm adding my name to your RINO Hunter Pledge to show that you have my support.