• Liz Cheney's Replacement Poll

  • Republican Harriet Hageman is the latest candidate to jump in the race to defeat Liz Cheney in the 2022 Republican Primary for the U.S. House in Wyoming.

    A number of Republicans are concerned over the fact that Harriet Hageman has ZERO political history aside from her and Liz Cheney being long-time friends and political allies.

    I want to know what grassroots conservatives like you think about this new development.

    So please take a moment to fill out your "Liz Cheney's Replacement Poll" right away.

  • Harriet Hageman was one of Liz Cheney's top leaders for both her first campaign AND re-election campaign.

    That means part of the whole reason why Wyomingites have a backstabbing RINO as their representative is because Harriet Hageman was putting in overtime in Laramie County trying to get Liz Cheney elected.

  • When someone donates to a political campaign, they do so because they believe strongly in the candidate and the candidate's vision for the future.

    Harriet Hageman donated $2,000 to Liz Cheney's Congressional campaigns, including $500 in 2014 and $1,500 in 2016.

  • It's widely known in Wyoming that Harriet Hageman and Liz Cheney are more than just political allies -- they're also close friends. As one Wyoming GOP official told the Star Tribune, Liz Cheney and Harriet Hageman "truly are good friends."

    But the friendship goes beyond just the two of them.

    The Hageman family and the Cheney family are deeply connected.

    According to Hageman, "her father, a stage legislator, was a Young Republican with Dick Cheney" and "all are old friends of the Cheney family."

  • Beyond her ties to Liz Cheney, Hageman was a delegate for GOP Ted Cruz in 2016 when he was one of Trump's most vocal opponents.

    She even met with GOP insiders that year to try to strip powers from the RNC chair and kick Trump off the ballot.

    As one Wyoming GOP insider told a reporter off the record, "She [Harriet Hageman] hated Trump. Hated Trump."

  • Wyoming is "GROUND ZERO" in the battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party between the establishment elites and conservative grassroots.

    But considering all the SOCIALIST madness Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to RAM down our throats -- from vaccine mandates to TRILLION dollar spending bills -- the future of our country is hanging in the balance as well.

    And I believe replacing Liz Cheney with her long-time friend and ally, Harriet Hageman, simply won't cut it.