• Dr. Fauci and his gaggle of authoritarian bureaucrats promised it would only take "15 days to stop the spread" when they first shut America down 18 months ago.

    Then, they turned around and said the only way to "flatten the curve" was for everyone, including children, to wear a face mask at all times, even when outdoors.

    Now, they say the pandemic won't end until EVERY American gets "fully vaccinated."

    If we've learned anything from COVID, it's that restrictions stick around once they're imposed and the promised return to normalcy is always just around the corner.

    For now, we need to all be "fully vaccinated" to live as a free American.

    But if the government can mandate the American people to take an experimental shot, what else can they force us to do?

    While we support any American who wants to take the vaccine, the government must NEVER be given the power to force Americans to take anything against their will.

    That's why I'm joining Anthony Bouchard and thousands of other grassroots patriots across the country by standing up and declaring: "NO Masks! NO Mandates! NO MORE!"