• To: Kevin McCarthy and GOP House leaders

    CC: GOP House Members

  • House Republicans,

    The Biden Administration and Democrats have launched an all-out assault on our freedoms and way of life as Americans.

    They're letting millions of illegal immigrants flood into the country.

    They're planning to spend over $10 TRILLION this year alone, all while letting inflation run rampant.

    And they're brainwashing our children into thinking our country's founding is evil, and that a person's race is what's most important about them.

    Republicans shouldn't be focused on attacking each other to score points like U.S. Rep Liz Cheney is.

    We need a united, conservative front to put up a wall of opposition to Joe Biden's leftist schemes YESTERDAY!

    We need strong, Conservative PitBulls in Washington, D.C. to fight for our Constitutional liberties.

    NOT some weak-kneed pansy who'd rather side with Democrats and attack Republicans.

    That's why I'm putting you and the rest of your GOP colleagues on notice.

    Either stand up and fight to save our America or get out of the way.