• Fire Fauci Poll

  • Dr. Fauci has emerged from hiding to tell Americans how they should be living their lives again.

    Not only does Fauci claim Americans should be wearing two masks at all times (even if they've been vaccinated), but that we should be strapping two masks onto our 3-year-olds as well.

    And unfortunately, Dr. Fauci's comeback isn't even the worst of it.

    News reports are showing hundreds of Biden’s health department goons are going door-to-door to ensure EVERYONE has been vaccinated.

    One can only imagine what the consequences will be if someone says they haven't gotten the vaccine and won't take it.

    This just sounds like another attempt by unelected, authoritarian, Leftist bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. trying to force their way of life onto all Americans yet again.

    And I think we need strong, Conservative Pit Bulls in Congress to fight these Deep State radicals -- not weak-kneed Big-Government "Republicans" like Liz Cheney who adore Dr. Fauci.

    But most importantly, I think it's time we FIRE Dr. Fauci and his biggest fan, Liz Cheney, for good.

    But what do you think?

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