• Fire Fauci Poll

  • Liz Cheney says that Dr. Anthony Fauci is "one of the finest public servants we have ever had," that "we need his expertise and judgement to defeat this virus" and that "all Americans should be thanking him [Fauci] every day."
  • Anthony Fauci has contradicted himself numerous times throughout the pandemic, including flip-flopping back and forth on masks -- saying not to wear them, then to wear two, and then saying it's finally "ok" to go maskless outside just days ago -- right before the CDC said vaccinated Americans can (FINALLY) go maskless.
  • Anthony Fauci is the HIGHEST paid federal employee in the entire nation. With an annual salary of $434,312, Anthony Fauci makes more than the President of the United States.

    Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has introduced the "Fire Fauci Act" in the U.S. House, which would reduce Anthony Fauci's salary to $0 until the Senate confirms a new NIAID administrator.

  • Authoritarian bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci have been using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to run roughshod over our most basic freedoms. I say enough is enough.

    Not only is it high-time we FIRE Dr. Fauci, but it's also time to ditch the masks, fully reopen the economy, open our schools - and NEVER let power-hungry government officials do this to America again!

  • Unlike Liz Cheney, I've been against authoritarian bureaucrats using the unnecessary lockdowns and mandates from the get-go -- even leading a rally at the Wyoming State Capitol demanding the government end the lockdowns and reopen the economy back when all the lockdown madness and mask mandate hysteria first started.