• Citizen Censure of Liz Cheney

    TO: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy
    CC: GOP House Leaders

  • WHEREAS: Liz Cheney happily agreed to join Pelosi on another witch hunt against Republicans; and
  • WHEREAS: Liz Cheney stood with Nancy Pelosi and voted to IMPEACH President Trump; and
  • WHEREAS: Liz Cheney stated "I would not," when asked if she would support President Trump if he were the 2024 Republican nominee and vowed to do everything she could to "keep him out of the Oval Office" -- effectively admitting she prefers President Joe Biden's socialist agenda to President Trump's America-First one; and
  • WHEREAS: Liz Cheney wore Democrat-blue and fist-bumped President Biden moments before he unveiled his plans to bankrupt America -- both morally and fiscally -- before a Joint Session of Congress; and
  • WHEREAS: Liz Cheney is more focused on attacking fellow Republicans in Congress instead of fighting against the Left's attempts to tear down American institutions and history; and
  • WHEREAS: Liz Cheney completely stood against President Trump and successful GOP Governors like Florida's Ron DeSantis on reopening the economy.
  • THEREFORE: I urge you to STRIP Liz Cheney from all her committee positions and replace her with hardline, pitbull conservatives who will do everything to stop, delay, resist, and obstruct Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden's attempts to destroy our country.