• Dear Anthony:

  • I AGREE 100%!

    Joe Biden and Democrats are pursuing open-borders policies.

    Additionally, they're trying to push for amnesty and free housing for ALL illegals currently in the U.S. -- leaving the cost to the taxpayers like you and me.

    We're saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the pandering to illegal immigrants all while our Constitutional liberties are trampled on.

    It's time to FINISH THE WALL.

    It's time to FUND BORDER PATROL.

    And if Democrats and RINOs won't do it, then it's time to kick them out and put real Conservative Pit Bulls in who will.

    After all, a country without borders is free land for anyone to seize.

    That's why we're supporting your campaign to bring President Trump's winning, America-First border policies back to Washington, D.C.