• One American Independence Day Petition

  • Dear Anthony,

    I AGREE 100%!

    It's time to declare independence from the socialist radicalism President Biden is trying to impose on our country when he created the "The Juneteenth National Independence Day."

    It's clear the Left is trying to replace our true Independence Day with Juneteenth because they HATE the story of American's founding.

    It's clear they hate everything that has made America the exceptionally great nation it is today.

    And pushing back against the Left's smears on America is critical to preserving the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.

    That's why I'm adding my name to the One Independence Day Petition to show grassroots conservatives are not giving up the fight against the anti-America Left (unlike the weak-kneed RINOs in Washington, D.C. like U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney).

    There's only one American Independence Day, and that's July 4.